We are the Toronto Green Capes Lions Club

How We Got Our Name: Our foster pups are Super Heroes who start out wearing Green Capes!

What We Are: We are a virtual special interest club dedicated to supporting Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides through fundraising and service. 

Who We Are: Our members are active supporters of Dog Guides. Collectively we have fostered over 100  puppies — investing many hours in socialization, good manners and obedience to prepare them for their service dog training.  Members include fosters, grads, and supporters.

What We Do: Our yearly major initiative is our Green Capes calendar. We generate revenue through direct sales, online voting and through other organizations sales support.

How We Help: Our donations help raise, train and place Dog Guides which costs approximately $25,000 per dog with no government support.

We have raised over $200,000 since our Charter in 2018

Service Dog Sponsorship

Green Capes sponsored 3 service dogs with the funds raised in the 2020 organization Fundraiser including Wizard AAD.   Thanks to all the organizations who participated in our first year.  These sponsorships could not have happened without you.

☑ Autism Assistance Dog

Green Capes LC is joined by the Wellington Club (A-3), the second highest selling district in the program to congratulate Paul and Wizard AAD

Diabetic Alert Dog

(in training) DAD Dog Guides are trained to detect sudden drops in their handler’s blood sugar through scent and alert them.

Canine Vision Canada Dog

(in training)  Canine Vision Canada dogs are trained to assist their handlers in navigating obstacles including curbs, steps and crowds.