Sales Tips and Tools

Use Social Media

Posting on Facebook, Instagram etc can be a great fundraising tool. It's visually engaging and easy to share. Tons of people use social media every day. We have sample posts to help.

Put up Posters

Bring Calendars to the your place of work and they sell themselves.  Post a sign up sheet or a poster. 

Put up posters with your eCommerce website url to increase traffic.  

(Virtual) Events

Host a live or virtual party and share info on the calendar.  If possible book a table at your local mall, store, or office.  We can bring a puppy to your online video event - just ask.

Email Contacts

Email club contacts, friends and family about your fundraising. Tell them about how it benefits your club *and* Dog Guides.

We have sample templates that you can customize.

Sample Email

To use this content:

  1. Copy and paste from here or Download (.doc)
  2. Optional: Add an image (see below): right click to copy or button to download
  3. Edit the content to include your name and link.
  4. Save your personalized email for future use.
  5. Send Send Send!

It is a good idea to save your email once you have finished so you can use it in the future.  Save it as a word document or as an email template.

Don’t forget to share your new email with other members of your club.

Sample Text (copy and paste into your email):

With the craziness of 2020, we could all use something to look forward to in 2021. Why not be ready to welcome in the New Year with 2021 Green Capes Puppy Calendar filled with adorable puppies? These little puppies are not only cute, they are training for a big job.

Every puppy featured in the calendar is a Future Dog Guide from the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Someday soon they will be helping Canadians with disabilities gain independence and a new “leash” on life.

Calendars cost $____ each. Half the proceeds benefit ____ (organization), and the remaining proceeds go to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Our organization will be using the funds to _____ for our community.

To order a calendar, follow this link: (insert your e-Commerce url) and I will contact you to arrange delivery. Please consider buying a calendar to support our community and Canadians with disabilities!

I appreciate your support,
Your name

About Dog Guides:
Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides is an organization focused on giving Canadians with disabilities independence by providing them with Dog Guides. Currently Lions Foundation trains dogs for 7 programs: Canine Vision, Hearing, Service, Autism Assistance, Seizure Response, Diabetic Alert, and Support. It costs $25,000 to raise and train a Dog Guide. Lions Foundation relies on funding from events, donations and sponsors to provide these dogs to individuals free of charge.